The interdisciplinary Co-Lab at mg摆脱电子游戏 is dedicated to sharing and fostering inclusive narratives, 表示, and 历史 that make historically marginalized or erased populations audible and visible. mg摆脱电子游戏的联合实验室 cultivates knowledge rooted in authentic, 互惠, 以及学者之间的伦理合作, 社区, 以及艺术和人文领域的从业者. We collaborate with 社区 to transform our disciplines through scholarship, 项目, 以及以社区观点为中心的方法, 需要, 和知识.


隐藏的真相:种族和地域的故事 in New England and Beyond 2022-2023 Lecture Series

的Co-Lab @ mg摆脱电子游戏 is pleased to present the third annual 隐藏的真相:种族和地域的故事 lecture series. This series features the research and policy work of mg摆脱电子游戏 faculty and staff that resurfaces untold 历史 and complicates received knowledge and understandings of our collective pasts. The series engages the campus community and the public in deeper understandings and informed dialogues around 如何 past inequities continue to impact societal and cultural realities and disparities today.

2022 - 2023年计划


mg摆脱电子游戏的联合实验室重新构思公共故事, 历史, and storytelling by changing the dynamics of whose stories get told, 如何, 是谁干的. The work of mg摆脱电子游戏的联合实验室 centers historically marginalized or erased populations and invites them to work with us to investigate and tell a set of new defining narratives and 表示 for the New England region.

A student smiles and laughs while presenting research to a staff member


mg摆脱电子游戏的联合实验室 focuses on engaging the public in the areas of history, 视觉艺术:视觉和表演艺术, 文物及文物保育, 空间和地点, 物质与视觉文化, 历史叙事, 公共教育和理智主义. Our investigation of topics related to inclusive narratives includes the spoken, 书面, 视觉, 的戏剧, 肉体, as we imagine the ways that people are both the producers and the products of their geographical and cultural landscapes.



教师, 学生, and staff across disciplines at Roger Williams are engaged in public humanities and arts projects that make underrepresented stories and groups in our region, 我们的国家, 并且在全球范围内更容易被听到和看到. 与远近社区紧密合作, these projects call attention to past and ongoing injustices, as well as the resiliency and creative survival of these groups.